RIBA Client Advisers

“One day all schools will be like this” Michael Worton, Vice-Provost, UCL

As an experienced construction professional especially skilled in maximising the quality and value of construction projects, Dominic Cullinan was accredited as one of the first RIBA Client Design Advisers in 2005.

Dominic and SCABAL have been lead Client Adviser on many high profile high value public procurement projects with committed and loyal clients, including the London Boroughs of Hackney (contribution to the BSF programme was recognised at the 2012 Hackney Design Awards), Lambeth, Waltham Forest and Camden, the children’s charity House of Fairy Tales and artist Gavin Turk’s studios.

We understand that the role of Client Adviser is to celebrate the value of the built environment and to enable participants to contribute to its care and creation.

The role, as we interpret it, is to make good design the common ground on which valuable relationships can be built and nurtured to bring about the best possible futures: first as vision; then as conversation; then as brief; then promise; then seeing a project through to realisation; bedding in; and assessing the user experience, ultimately making environments that can be enjoyed and valued by generations to come.

SCABAL’s Client and Technical Advisers provide vital independent advice to help you run your construction project efficiently from the outset, and achieve the highest quality for the best value.

As good listeners, we work with you to identify and understand the underlying need of your project, interpret the desire, make opportunities for participatory decision making, reveal opportunities for excellence and, when required, positive compromise.

From the earliest stages, we will assist you in:

Strategic decision making
Stakeholder consultation
Design brief development
Feasibility studies
Procurement procedures
Appraisals of design proposals
Client support during the construction phase

Our client adviser work includes:

Meticulously planned consultation and participatory events
Briefing diagrams / images
Comprehensively written briefs
Negotiating design in legal documents
Monitoring detailed design stages
Monitoring building works
Assisting in occupation
Occupancy evaluation

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