It’s all Greek

Greek restaurant, Kings Cross, London

“Firstly the atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing. The best ambience I have felt in a long time.” Trip Advisor

Stumbled upon here whilst visiting Granary Square, past the boat bookshop then upstairs to road. Great find, really good and comfortable atmosphere like you’ve stepped in a traditional Greek taverna. Staff are excellent! Great for food and coffee! As well as Greek wine and beer from all over greece from Sami and Crete to Zante and Santirini, which you can just pop in and takeaway. Very nice indeed. Mark Mahoney, Trip Advisor

The Greek Larder is the latest venture of Theodore Kyriakou, the chef best known for launching Livebait and The Real Greek.

Now open seven days a week on York Way at London King’s Cross, this large canal-side room is both restaurant and delicatessen with a distinctive menu that captures tastes, flavours and the very essence of Greece and the Aegean. And a highly distinctive and relaxed interior design meticulously realised by SCABAL as a homage to Theodore’s father’s original ‘bakaliko’, a grocery store in 1950s Athens.

The convivial layout accommodates around one hundred guests, with elegant Doric dining tables nestling in walls of articulated plywood shelving laden with amazing produce from Greece with a single mahogany counter facing the long and open kitchen, all bursting with activity and fragrant atmosphere.

Definitely worth a visit we say! (see relevant web and twitter pages)

Service: Architects

Location: London, Kings Cross

Client: Theodore Kyriakou

Cost: £750k

Dates: January- September 2015 – on site for less than 3 months

Contract: Traditional Shop Fitting

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