Caroline Louche

Caroline is a young, sustainability-oriented, bi-lingual French architect chosen for her excellent design eye and because she is efficient, methodical, highly organized, conscientious and curious. She graduated with a Master of Architecture from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille.

Caroline joined SCABAL in March 2015 and has worked on the staff quarters of a primary school, educational and residential buildings in India, the new Fordham Abbey Sake Brewery and, most recently, a new Hindu temple in London.

Caroline’s previous experience includes working with the City Council Architectural Management Department, Aix-en-Provence, with responsibilities for their existing building stock and vacant sites, working on refurbishment of council employees’ offices and coordination with planning processes.

With A4 Architecture Agency, Marseille, specialising in sustainable architecture, she assisted the architect during construction work and client meetings, including for a sustainable block of flats and a house insulated with lavender straw, with Médiane Co, Marseille as Assistant Works Foreman, foundations and basement construction, and as Interior design assistant, for Stinside Interior design, Aix-en-Provence on general  arrangements of model flats, presentation drawings and furniture selection.