Listed Buildings

In the way they connect past people and past life to the present, Listed and historic buildings have a valuable collective memory and special meaning to those who use them and relate to them now and into the future.

SCABAL’s practice in the conservation, restoration and re-use of these old buildings is profoundly linked with our designs for the new. Not only is the old fabric often of a provenance and quality so special and rare as to make it unfeasible to realise in most building projects today, but the stories told in the original function, organisation, style and working details of these old buildings often inform and encourage current design innovation and our thinking on sustainability.

We understand the needs of historic building owners and work closely with you and the local Planning and Conservation Officers to produce a design that answers your brief.

For over ten years, SCABAL has worked with sister practice Kay Pilsbury Thomas Architects on Listed projects. Based in North Essex, KPTA is Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC), has a vast understanding of historic buildings of all periods and has dedicated the last 30 years to working purely on Listed and old properties.

SCABAL Director Jon Buck is an Architectural Design Leader at KPTA and heads the KPTA London office. Our experience, expertise, versatility and coverage is greater this way and we welcome projects that suit the two practices in concert.

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