Dhamintha Wickremasinghe

Architectural Assistant

Dhamintha completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Edinburgh before moving to Copenhagen to pursue a Master’s in Political Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, achieving a Distinction for his thesis, titled Plates of Refugees: Breaking the Cycle of Fear.  This focused on the investigation of heavy police brutality against refugees and the extensive political securitization in Calais, to explore how Architecture as a method can serve as a means to challenge the existing system, with the hope of minimising the consistent violence refugees face.

Dhamintha gained valuable experience in participation and sustainability in architecture, during his Part I training at Collective Architecture in Glasgow and later, during his time in Copenhagen, working at 3XN. Additionally, he possesses expertise in Agri-tecture, having worked with hydroponics and other modern horticulture systems. He served as a Research Architect for BYGAARD, an urban mushroom farm on the harbour of Refshaleøen, where he focused on the production of exotic mushrooms within converted cooling containers.

In April 2023, Dhamintha joined SCABAL and has been actively engaged in two conservation projects since then.