Stephanie Tung

Architectural Assistant

Stephanie has recently joined SCABAL as a Part II Architectural Assistant. She is currently assisting with the feasibility and schematic design stage for the adaptation of a Grade II* listed building, Temple Dinsley, in North Hertfordshire into residential developments.

Prior to SCABAL, Stephanie completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Toronto, Canada and has worked at design-led studios in Hong Kong and Canada as an intermediate architectural designer. She was involved in several small to large-scale community, education and civic projects across all RIBA work stages, including the LCSD Transforming of Public Play Space Project (2023), Anderson Road Joint User Complex (2022) and Jockey Club Project Well-being School Transformation Project (2020).

With a strong passion working on community projects, she also had experience organizing education workshops and community engagement events for project stakeholders, social workers, design consultants and the public on a public realm and affordable housing project, including LCSD Transforming of Public Play Space Project (2023) and Home Modification Project (2022) in Hong Kong.