Barn life

Remodelling and extension to listed farm, Hertfordshire

Bucks Hill Bottom House and Barn is a Grade II Listed Building in the Three Rivers Planning District, planning for a new kitchen & dining room building at the north-east corner of the barn, facing south across the formal gardens with some remodeling to have a generous boot room, turning the existing kitchen into an anteroom with a stove, leading to the barn living room through the right corner, straight ahead through the wall to the new kitchen & dining area in turn. Re-building the brick wall separating the drive from the gardens in a new position to make a back-north wall to the new building, linking from the east wall of the house, along the north end of the barn, to an open brick parapet cloister or timber pergola looking south and down across the gardens. The new kitchen will nestle in the re-entrant corner of the barn with its furniture extending east, with the large dining table at the far, east end.

Service: Architects

Location: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

Client: Nicola and Kevin Wilson

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XX m2

Dates: XX

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