Chinese puzzle

Kindergarten / Nursery concept, Beijing, China

China’s rapid urbanisation leading to mass metropolitan migration along with the one-child policy means that there are often six adults (mum, dad, maternal and paternal grandparents) devoted to the care of each child. However, the cost of living, the lack of space and the increasing awareness of the benefits of early years’ education has led many families to work-and-earn in order to pay for pre-school facilities, rather than traditional day-care of the very young, leading to unprecedented expansion of kindergartens.

Making an USP for a burgeoning nursery provider has a high priority. At the request of the client, this project looks to expand his large suburban villa, wrap it to the boundary like a cuboid snowdome and make its interior into a play-and-learn land with child-only climbing routes between floors.

Service: Feasibility Study

Location: Beijing

Client: Undisclosed

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XXm2

Dates: 2013

Contract: TBC

Energy: Low Carbon

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