Coniston Cricket Pavilion

Home and away

Cricket pavilion and holiday let, Coniston, Lake District, UK

SCABAL with artists Giles Round and Sarah Staton, Grizedale Arts, the Coniston Cricket Club, all working towards a new pavilion to serve the recreational summertime uses of this beautiful site with the additional off-season use as a holiday let. The idea being to bring income to support the existing sports clubs, generate new members and offer further opportunities to visitors – to support in turn, the Coniston Institute to fund a building & programme manager for the pavilion itself.

This contemporary, innovative art-instigated architecture in this stunning rural setting demonstrates the value of contemporary design in making an environmentally sensitive resource that works year-round for both local and visitor – community-built, owned and run.

Through its location, its orientation and its detailed design, the aim is to place the Home and Away Coniston Pavilion firmly on the world map as a useful high-value objet d’art in its own right, one that is built by the cricket team and that can be examined and discovered by actually living in it, an inhabitable object that is clearly an extension of its geographical and socio-political landscape – so rich in rural, cultural and artistic histories.

A world-inspiring art object that to be made by the Coniston Cricket Team out of its local environment – the beautiful part of Britain they inhabit.

Service: Architects and Artists

Location: Coniston, Lake District, UK

Client: Coniston Cricket Club, Drizedale Arts

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XXm2

Dates: 2013

Contract: Self Build

Energy: BREEAM Excellent equivalent

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