Crone Music

Crone Music presents two new, interconnected films by British artist Beatrice Gibson, alongside an expanded events programme in Gallery 3 featuring the artists, poets, musicians and wider community with whom the films have been made.

Devised by Gibson in collaboration with friend and architect Dominic Cullinan, Gallery 3 has been designed to reflect the artist’s production ethos. Just as Gibson called upon friends and extended communities to help make her films, Camden Arts Centre has borrowed furniture and other items requested by the film’s participants from a network of local partners and individuals. Gallery 3 will also host an expanded programme of readings, screenings, performances, talks, workshops, meetings and residencies led by the films’ collaborators.

Rooted in feminist and queer discourse, these will include a Radical Reading Sit-In with Eileen Myles; one-to-one Personalized (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals with CAConrad; and a week of experimental music composition and concerts with Laurence Crane, drawing on the work of Pauline Oliveros. Also presented is a screening programme curated by Gibson of moving image works by filmmakers and friends from whom the artist has drawn inspiration, including Chantal Akerman, Basma Alsharif, Barbara Hammer, Laida Lertxundi, Chick Strand, Public Access Poetry and Ana Vaz.