Game theory

Open Day at SCABAL

Everyone likes to play games. Everyone wants but doubts Utopia.

This was a project based single-subject exercise based around architect’s design discipline from problem towards solution.

Home ownership is an ideal that large sections of society cannot imagine achieving. But how is new housing made and paid for? Should we aspire to own it, or is there another way?  Can the collective invention, trialling and making of other modes of home procurement show us a sustainable more equitable alternative?

SCABAL and guests spent a day asking and answering this question, through the playing of familiar board games, first competitively as they were designed then collaboratively as they weren’t.

The day-long drop-in lesson / workshop, from 10.00am to 5.00pm with an exposition of the day’s work at the end, was filmed and broadcast on Persicope.

Service: Creative Discipline

Location: Worldwide

Client: Self-build baugruppen

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: Xm2

Dates: 2016

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