My home must fit my family too

Masterplan for self-procured housing, Salford, Lancs

Us now – My home must fit my family. With this in mind, we can make our own bespoke specification.

Us soon – All these choices will make up our overall year-one specification. Our family will change over time but our needs must be met by the place we live in right now. We’d also like to start thinking about our year-ten plan right away. Luckily this part of the choosing doesn’t have to happen straight away or if it does, it remains mutable so we can change our minds. The potency offer we invest in now will determine what we can achieve later.

Us into the future – The neighbourhood as a whole is formed by us and the other people who are going to live there. This comes about through a collective process of design, offered as a negotiation between all our micro-choices curated by the home-builder, architects and project managers to offer the best value for all the neighbours-to-be.

One family over time – As the neighbourhood will evolve over time in line with the ongoing expansions and reductions of individual family needs, it will be desirable to allow for this expansion through a negotiated planning perspective. Outline or class-action planning submissions can predict the likely shape of development and place limits on height and density in relation to neighbouring sites.

So, the form of the development and its evolution is not dependent on institutions of fixed size. Rather, the form, disposition and placement of the apartments will be determined by the outcomes of the micro choices made by the first 120 families in year one and their subsequent changing family circumstances in future years.

Service: Creative Discipline

Location: Salford Lancs

Client: Self-build baugruppen

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XX m2

Dates: XX

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