Value system – My home must fit me

Masterplan for St Mary’s Island, Chatham, Kent

The negotiation between desire and cost is a value system. But individual choices, actions and decisions can amount to no more than the sum of their parts. So, if house is added to house it can make housing. This is how cities are made.

My home – How many rooms do I have? What shape and how big are they?  What are my kitchen and bathroom like? Do I have interconnecting doors between rooms? Where do I keep my bicycle? Do I have a Mirador? How is my home heated? Is the energy it consumes renewable? Do I have intelligent systems? How is my home furnished? What cupboards and lighting? How is my home used? Can I work from home?

Your neighbourhood – Which way does your home face? What floor is it on? What is the view? How does it relate to the flats around it? With whom do you share common parts? How is it made?

Your city – Where are their homes in the urban context? How many are there? How close to the river?

Service: Masterplan

Location: Chatham, Kent

Client: XX

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XXm2

Dates: XX

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