St Paul with St Luke’s Tower Hamlet


Residential tower, Bow Common, London

Located in Bow Common, East London and owned by the London Diocesan Board for Schools, St Paul’s with St Luke’s, despite its big name, is a small one-form entry primary school with 210 pupils and a nursery.

Due to a rapidly expanding school-age population, Tower Hamlets, the Local Authority (LBTH) in which the school is located, is looking for additional primary places in the area.

Poplar HARCA, the housing association who own almost all of the homes surrounding the school and Tower Hamlets are together looking to regenerate St Paul’s Way, the spine road running through Bow Common and along the South side of the school site.

So if these things are brought together, the little children of Tower Hamlets now, and the little children of Tower Hamlets’ future, who live in the flats managed by Poplar HARCA can all go to St Paul’s with St Luke’s CE Primary School owned by the LDBS.

Living above a school can be daunting. A school under flats can feel squashed. This addresses both fears. From the flats, you don’t feel the school, which is free to enjoy all the ground plane even to rebuild itself independently over its lifetime.

The tower pays for everything. It also uses photo-voltaic glass so it’s literally a power station.

Service: Feasibility Study

Location: Bow Common, London

Client: LDBS, LB Tower Hamlets, SPWSL Primary School

Cost: £25.8m

Areas: xxm2

Dates: xx

Contract: TBC

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