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Additional Resource Provision, UCL Academy, Swiss Cottage

ARP Base

A dedicated Base for ASD students achieved with minimal intervention to the building itself and through the careful design and selection of furniture and settings that enable, encourage and support use by students with ASD including formal learning situations with staff and in less formal learning, pastoral situations including dining, together in groups and individually, with and without direct adult support.


Satellite spaces located within the existing five Superstudios, dispersed across the school. Whereas the Base will be primarily dedicated for use by ASD students, these Satellite spaces will be shared with the whole school but, as a priority will support use by ASD students, largely through the disposition of furniture in settings. These Satellites will accommodate the intermittent needs of different students with ASD, as they require, in different parts of the school as they pass through it, on a daily and yearly basis, as well as uses of other students and staff. The Satellite spaces will inhabit one or more of the Superstudio Small Learning spaces and the Superstudio Open Learning spaces.

Service: Architects & RIBA Client Advisers

Location: Swiss Cottage, Camden, London, UK

Client: UCL Academy & LB Camden

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: Whole school

Dates: November 2018

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