Upland Village Scicly

Conversion of derelict farm to home and artists studios, Scicly, Scicily

A loose group of crumbling farm buildings with signs of historic habitation for farmers and recent use by livestock, all made from the rock-strewn landscape it sits upon, with long views to the valley bottom and then on to the sea. To be reimagined for family holidays and artist studios in the likeness of favourite things found in the historic local town of Scicly and the rest of the islands of Italy.

Concerning D11

Now, Soon and In The Future schemes the full potential of Upland Village working within the existing enclosures presented as a smorgasbord.

In the future perfect, West House (LHS as you arrive) may be living, sleeping, evenings – the family master-suite, Drawing Room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.

With the east side of East House providing two guest private studios with ground floor drawing rooms and mezzanine sleepings, each with their own external door, sharing a bathroom and, further east, one detached studio with its own triple door.

East House, (RHS as you arrive) has on its west side, ground-floor daytime kitchen, dining, hanging and two mezzanines for night time sleeping for overspill guests. This double room joins together in the day and divides at night by a large opening with steps and sliding-folding D11. Room g7 may be kitchen / dining and g8 sitting, vice-versa or either / or.

Service: Architects

Location: Scicly, Sicily

Client: Bea Gibson and Nick Gordon

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XX m2

Dates: XX

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