Art work space

Artist studios, Hackney Wick, London

Planned well, the carefully orchestrated co-existence of housing and sustainable industry makes happening and thriving cities – excellent purpose-designed places to work and attractive places to live side by side, under and over.

Gavin Turk has made sculptures from his current studio on the Wick Lane site for over twelve years. Indeed, the now well-known area of Hackney Wick has been put on the world’s art map by Gavin’s and his art-colleagues’ successful enterprises.

This ongoing and established art activity was seen as an important legacy by the Olympic planning authority, the LLDC who would like to see it thrive and expand to inform the base and the basis of a lively and exciting mixed-use neighbourhood.

The right mix will continue to be valuable to London’s internationally renowned art practice and to the neighbourhood as it is transformed by the significant new housing developments that are coming.

Gavin and SCABAL have made a working partnership with the site’s developers IDM Properties and assembled like-minded art space organizations, ACAVA and Pangaea, affordable work space charity The Shoreditch Trust and children’s art charity, the House of Fairy Tales, seeking to find and make optimum built relationships, social and technical that can create an instantly active new and mixed vibrant community of working spaces to compliment and support the living spaces above.

Making Art is making culture which cities need in order to be places where people want to live and where they can find work. Finding the right balance of uses and ensuring designs that work sustainably can only enhance the value of a neighbourhood and secure its long-term future.

Service: Client Advisers

Location: Hackney Wick, London

Client: Gavin Turk, IDM Properties

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XX m2

Dates: 2014, 2017

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