Vaia Vakouli

Qualified in Sweden as an MSA Architect, Vaia joined SCABAL in 2019 with a background in environmental design after working in Stockholm on concept and design developments of residential and educational projects.

Prior to this she has worked with LINK Arkitektur Stockholm, Sweden, environmental specialists Byrån för arkitektur och urbanism [BAU] Stockholm, Sweden and Henning Larsen Architects Copenhagen, Denmark on various environmental assessments and participating in the development of sustainability concepts in competitions and early design phases as well as a Research Assistant Lund Technical University, Helsingborg, Sweden.

This Scandinavian experience has enhanced her ethusiasm, understanding and knowledge of sustainability which she will expand in her role with SCABAL.

In 2018 Vaia became a LEED® Green Associate™ and between 2013 – 2015  studied for a M.Sc. Energy Efficient & Environmental Building Design Lund University Engineering Faculty [LTH] Hesingborg, Sweden where she won the Årets Talang (Talent of the year) from Årets Fram­tidsbyggare for her Masters thesis.

Vaia’s Diploma in Architectural Engineering between 2006 – 2012 was awarded by Democritus University [DUTH] Xanthi, Greece where she gained the highest «Excellent» degree classification in Architectural Engineering with a mark of 85.6%.