Raphael Haque

Architectural Assistant

Raphael has been our Part I Architectural Assistant since September 2022 and will be commencing his Master’s degree in September 2024.

Before joining, he worked at several architecture firms, including Purcell and Buttress, specialising in conservation and heritage in Manchester and Oxford.

Raphael is working on several projects with us, including the Grade II listed Woodhouse Farm complex, various Listed and non-Listed residential projects and CABALGORITHM, a plugin to the housing market, which he is coding and has given talks on through exemplar projects like St Paul’s With St Luke’s.

He completed his BA Hons in Architecture at the Oxford School of Architecture (Oxford Brookes) in 2022 with project themes centred around music, education and restoration both of buildings and communities. His undergraduate dissertation focused on the unheimlich in the architectural description of the Argentine author, Jorge Borges to better understand how to design genuine and useful spaces.

Raphael won the Drawing Matter’s writing Prize in 2021 on Savinen Petit’s painting Chapelle a Deux Salles Avec Luminaire and has published essays with them since.  He is also working on the conversion of two grain ships into theatres with Punch Drunk.