Sumaiya Shameem

Architectural Assistant

In 2023, Sumaiya became a part of SCABAL as an Architectural Assistant. Currently, she is actively engaged in the residential conservation project Temple Dinsley, in North Hertfordshire.

Before joining SCABAL, Sumaiya recently gained her master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University specialising in Development and Emergency Practice (DEP) and Regenerative design. Sumaiya’s thesis project involved the design of a Coral Cultivation Farm, its primary objective to create an environment where human and natural systems might flourish together. This regenerative strategy was carefully crafted to accommodate a participatory approach of tourists, local communities, and researchers in joint exploration to achieve coastal resilience.

During her academic pursuits, she also gained valuable hands-on experience with practice, contributing to multiple projects in various stages of the design and construction process, including the design and development of affordable housing strategies along with intergenerational co-living concepts.

She is deeply passionate about working with marginalized communities and ensuring their voices are integrated into all stages of the design process. She is dedicated to involving these communities through a participatory approach, enabling them to contribute to their livelihoods and well-being.