Georgian dwelling business

Animation studios, Bloomsbury, London

Conversion of an entire First Rate Georgian House in Bedford Square, London, for use as a studio by animated film production company, Three Rivers. The house interior has been done up recently by others but remains a mixture of parts that are far from original along with some features casually retained over two hundred years. In any case, it’s been used as offices.

The proposal seeks to strategize its re-use as studio, by holding up for examination this peculiar mix of use, time-trapped adjustment and inelegant partial conservation, firstly by drawing its current state extremely carefully and secondly by the sequential design and placement of bespoke fitting furniture that adopts the room scales and domestic uses of the original dwelling, reimagining them as collaborative and collective work stations for the incumbent digital animators. A huge dining room table as shared work station, a new drawing room, administrative ante chambers and so on.

Service: Architects

Location: Bloomsbury, London

Client: Two Rivers Film Company

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XX m2

Dates: 2005

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