SVEC’s student accommodation with 4,290 beds, recreation and study rooms, a central kitchen -dining facility for the whole campus and swimming pool, Tirupati, India

To complement and enhance the existing ethos and environment of SVEC’s current campus whilst significantly increasing its capacity, the design of the new Boarding Houses and Central Dining Room / Kitchen is based around a composed landscape setting, with each of the three buildings, one Y Block and two X Blocks grouped to create a central landscape plaza conducive to the relaxation and enjoyment of the students.

The spaces created between the large blocks allow for open views from each bedroom largely uninterrupted by the other bedrooms in the same or other blocks. The open spaces between the large blocks can contain smaller pavilion sized buildings and playgrounds.

Each block has six floors of sleeping accommodation with 998 naturally ventilated bedrooms, 264 for two students, 528 for four students, both with en-suite shower and WC facilities and 206 rooms for eight students with communal facilities – all accessed from wide open-to-the-air central corridor wings, emanating from four helically arranged discrete staircases sharing a central open atrium core.

Service: Architects

Location: Tirupati, Indio

Client: SVET

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: 57,000 m2

Dates: 2017

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