Dunraven Sports Campus Masterplan

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Masterplan for Dunraven School, Streatham, London

As a part of Lambeth BSF programme SCABAL acted as Client Design Advisor for Dunraven School in Streatham, a high-performing secondary school with a mixture of buildings spanning the twentieth century, some fine examples of modernism including a by Pimlico School’s architect, John Bancroft.

Prior to the BSF bidding process getting underway SCABAL produced a Value Report and provided ongoing advice proposing educational transformation in Dunraven’s mixed stock of existing buildings including a fine but unloved brutalist theatre design by GLC Architect’s Department’s architect, John Bancroft, also author of Pimlico School.

The proposal prescribes reuse of the better buildings through selected re-modelling, refurbishment and refreshment, selective demolition of the weaker, less valuable buildings and selective addition of new buildings.

The study’s aim was to reveal inherent commodity and delight where time and familiarity have kept them hidden. To perform a makeover for the whole school, first create a consensus around desire and then make a detailed brief for piecemeal intervention to hybridise the older and the new.

Responding to a newspaper heading pinned to a headmaster’s wall in another school “ Kids Prefer Buzz Sports”, Dunraven’s school grounds, generous for London but fragmented and underused, were reimagined as a rolling campus for Informal Sports, ranging from entry level games, , to professional grade practice facilities, to be more inclusive for more children. An abundancy of pocket spaces to be reconfigured to play, French Cricket, Keepy-uppy, marbles, Blind Man’s Bluff to Slip Catch Cradles, Scrum Machines, Batting Nets etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_traditional_children%27s_games

Apart from helping a school to feel good about its environment and training the management for its upcoming £25m BSF building programme, the masterplan had two significant purposes. It prioritised buildings to keep and buildings to replace and it offered a selection of Intermediate Projects, from which our sports hall was chosen.

Service: Masterplan

Location: Streatham, London

Client: LB Lambeth, Dunraven School

Cost: Undisclosed

Areas: XXm2

Dates: 1996

Contract: TBC

Energy: TBC

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